Endless tumbleweed-strewn highways, deep canyons and wind-worn rock formations, long-lost ghost towns, moss-draped swamps, and vast rolling plains filled with the most fearsome of critters. This is the Texas that brews the legends, and the inspiration for every premier craft beer created by Nine-Band Brewing Company™. Every sip serves up a tip of the hat, a nod of the head, and a taste infused with the distinctive twang of our distinctive state.

Our Beer

Texas born and bred, the Nine-Band brewmaster brings his award-winning experience to every one of our carefully crafted styles, each made with the highest quality ingredients available for the ultimate taste experience.

Nine-Band Pale Ale

The nine-banded armadillo is the unofficial state mascot of Texas, and the namesake and official mascot of Nine-Band Brewing Company. On hot days you can often see one on the side of the highway enjoying a cold one. Nine-Band Pale Ale™, our flagship brew, is made with premium Liberty hops, giving this easy drinking ale just a bit of a spicy, citrusy kick.

Cactus Cat Kolsch

Legend tells of the cactus cat, covered in its cactusy spines, slashing the prickly pear cactus to open up pools of juice. The fearsome feline returns at the next full moon to drink the now fermented concoction. The caterwauling of the drunken beast can be heard even over the howls of the wind. Our Cactus Cat Kölsch™ is made in the classic German manner, light and crisp with grassy and biscuity notes. Prost!

Hoop Snake Hefeweizen

According to the folks out west, the crafty hoop snake would circle up, bite its own tail, and roll out across the plains to the nearest saloon. Like the hoop snake, our Hoop Snake Hefeweizen™ has a tart bite of its own. And with hints of banana and cloves, this rich and creamy ale will soon become legendary in its own right.

June Bug Summer Wheat

Come summer evenings on any back porch across Texas, the June bugs come calling. According to the bug experts, they’re attracted to the light. And the warm, citrusy glow of our June Bug Summer Wheat™. This light, crisp, refreshing brew is perfect on a warm summer evening, a hot summer day, or any other day for that matter.

Ghost Cow Octoberfest

On the darkest night, on a desolate back road in South Texas, the ghost cow comes out to graze and make its stand smack dab in the middle of the road – a full-blown apparition on the center stripe. Our full-bodied, assertive Ghost Cow Oktoberfest™, a classic Märzenbier, pays a rich, malty tribute to this otherworldly bovine, lest it decide to haunt our street too.

Toad Choker Barley Wine

When the rainclouds boil up out west, and lightning makes the coyotes’ hair stand on end, we know we’re in for an all-powerful, gully-washing, toad-choker downpour. So too our thunderously bold and complex specialty brew, Toad Choker Barley Wine™, with its deep, earthy tones of coffee and caramel, will wash across your parched throat and rumble deep into your bones.

The Badge

From the time before Texas was a state, men donned badges to bring law to the west and establish peace and safety for settlers. Now police, fire, and EMS all have badges identifying them as servants for the public good. Here is our salute to them, with a light body and a hint of sweetness from local honey used to brew our honey blonde. “The Badge”, a beer for men and women of honor.

28th State

Offering up flavor as big as Texas, our brewers use oatmeal and flaked barley to give this brew a smooth creaminess and rich body. Adding a specialty malt for every flag that has flown above our soil, the dark roasted flavors highlighted by chocolate malt give this stout a taste as deep as our heritage.

Blue Lacy

We didn’t make a blue beer, but a nice balanced brown ale is our tip of the hat to the energetic, dedicated, loyal breed that is the State Dog of Texas. What they live for and happen to be very good at is hunting, tracking and herding. Rumor has it these incredibly smart dogs like to lap up a bowl of “Blue Lacy Brown Ale” when they kick back and call it a day.

Our Brewery

Even though you can find our beers in restaurants and retailers nationwide, there’s nothing quite like going directly to the source at our brewing headquarters in Allen, Texas.

The Nine-Band Experience

The malt-and-hop magic happens in our 5,400-square-foot brewhouse, with every step in the crafting process overseen by our award-winning brewmaster.

Visit our brewery and tour the facility or simply relax with friends inside our 1,500-square-foot tap room or on the large covered patio, where you can celebrate the sunset, your successes, or simply toast to the day just completed.

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Keith Ashley

The owner of Nine-Band Brewing Co. brings years of brewery experience and passion to this new venture.

Jack Sparks

Nine-Band’s award-winning brewmaster has traveled the world honing his craft.

Wayne Arnold

Let me Share my Devotion to craft Beer with you.

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Our tours are offered every Saturday at 2:00. No reservation is necessary, simply show up a few minutes prior to your desired your time. Tours are $15 per person and include a pint glass and samples. We ask that tours be paid with cash. Additional drinks can be purchased in the taproom once the samples are redeemed.


We rent our taproom and patio for special events. Please contact Brandi at 972-663-5707 or brandi@ninebandbrewing.com for additional information and pricing.

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